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We will agree on the fact that the dollars we spend are greatly influenced by what we see on social media and the internet nowadays. This is the reason why we have to, as content creators, think outside the box and come up with meaningful and authentic material to create engagement. There is no such thing as telling a story through something that you really like and use daily. This is called authenticity and this is what sells today.

Who are the Laptop Vagabonds

The LaptopVagabonds is above all a dream of freedom. The essence of the project is to be ​​working while travelling around the world and at the same time, inspire and motivate people to aspire and to want more. It was after a wonderful trip to Hawaii in late 2015 that we felt we had to do things in a different way if we wanted our life to be different. A few months later, we were working on the creation of our web marketing agency with one end goal in mind: the freedom to be able to work from anywhere in the world. This is what we do now, we travel, we explore and we work. We are “Digital Nomads”.


Don’t hesitate to ask your questions or send us your inquiries. Even better, we have prepared for you our media kit and are eager to send it to you! Let’s see if there is a fit for a collaboration!


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